Fahad Hussayn Couture

Doha: Design, Intuition, Concomitance.

October 13, 2017

For the first part of it I decided to derive inspiration from a miniature and come up with an entire range of novelty couture wedding range for both men and women and further break down the collection into formals and casuals transferring the same sensibility into our novelty prints series for our parallel label PRINT MUSEUM.

Bridal designs usually come naturally to me, one of my mother’s gifts that she has passed on to me. The task at hand was recreating the same elements from the miniatures into composed prints.  Whilst I was working on it I had a chance to visit the museum of Islamic art at Doha, for anyone visiting that side of the world it’s a highly recommended museum. Having spent an entire day in the archives I came across some beautiful Persian miniatures, interesting myths, objects with centuries of stories, awestruck and completely emotional about being able to witness the beauty of all that artwork.


I finished my day with a fantastic meal at the Ritz Carlton’s PARISSA at Souk Waqif .The meal being a separate 10/10 on my extremely high standard scale for rating food , the whole experience itself kind of took me back into the miniature. I wondered how magnificent the sight should’ve truly been to have witnessed that amount of artistry in that time and some photos I brought back home from the elegantly painted murals at the restaurant provided me with the realness I needed for all my designs to come to life.


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