Fahad Hussayn Couture

Magical Realism

October 14, 2017

Churail is described as “the ghost of an unpurified mother” in South-East Asian and Persian cultures.  She is also called a tree spirit as she often dwells in the woods. According to some legends, a woman who dies during childbirth or pregnancy or due to suffering at the hands of her in-laws will come back as a Churail to seek revenge, particularly targeting the males in her family.

The Churail is also projected as an extremely ugly and hideous being however she has the power to shape-shift and disguise herself as a beautiful woman to lure men to deserted places where she either kills them or engulfs their virility turning them into old men.






Many accounts are given on how to ward off this demon or prevent her creation. Special measures are taken in order to stop her from coming after her family to torment them. The family might perform special rites and rituals if any woman in their family who is likely to become a Churel, dies.
The term itself from superstitions and folklore has entered into colloquial tongue. Churail is now widely attributed to women with viscous and jealous nature.









Sunehri the Churail made her way into the story of Dara Shikoh as an arch-nemesis to the protagonist. She is destined to confront him presenting him with certain missions to accomplish in order to save his life, family and legacy. Her own liberation from the physical confinement in a human form depends on a victorious Dara. Which his father Shahjehan couldn’t be, resulting in Queen’s death and Sunehri’s confinement in a golden fish. If Dara wins Sunehri redeems her freedom, if he loses she reappears in another form at another time.

Consequently the story reveals the course of events as they take place in a magically real world.

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